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My Inspiration comes from elements of nature, clean contours produced by the movement of water, whirlpools, the gravitational pull of the moon, meandering rivers, and moon glade reflections on quiet water. My workshop overlooks the perpetually changing river Exe with its dependable dramatic play of light and seasonal rhythms. I am spellbound by the interplay of form, pattern, texture and the quest to resolve a design outcome.

My aim is to make tactile aware, 'touchstones' or amulets to aid a personal sense of wellbeing which sits comfortably both physically and psychologically with the wearer. Fit, weight and movement of jewellery are essential considerations in support of individuality and confidence.

I admire the timeless work of Alexander Calder, the fusion of wearable Fashion and Art, his obsession with negative space and simplicity of form. The elemental triangular, circular and crescent forms of the 1920’s Bauhaus inspire me. I marvel at the adornment of early Greek, Roman and Egyptian jewellery.  It is a joy for me to follow in the long-established tradition of making art to wear.

In 2018 I left a long-term Art and Design lecturing post in order to focus exclusively on jewellery making.

Kathleen Appleyard

Close up of hands

Images: Louise Kear Photography